A portrait of a dog


The final painting

Mid point

I have just finished painting an acrylic portrait of a dog. Just for fun I took a few photos of the various stages, so you can see how the layers are built up.

In the first picture you can see a little of the original pencil sketch left. At the start I only draw out the bare minimum, and then layer up the paint in thinnish layers. With acrylics you can add quite a bit of water and the washes you can achieve are not dissimilar to watercolour paint.

A first quick wash

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Painting planets

This weekend I experimented with a new subject, astronomy. About ten years ago I bought a telescope, and from then on I have found the night sky fascinating.

Here are my first attempts to capture something of the jewel-like quality that these various planets emirate. I’m quite pleased with them – as a starter for ten – so I may well do more!



The Moon

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Acrylic paintings of ultrasound scans

Ultrasound painting by Rebecca Jelbert, 2017

Ultrasound painting by Rebecca Jelbert, 2017

This weekend I painted the ultrasound portraits of two beautiful babies.

I love painting these type of pictures. They bring together my interest in medicine and biology, and also my passion for portraiture. It is a challenge to strike the right balance between texture and blank space, between anatomical accuracy and abstract movement, but the results can be rewarding.

My teenage son still has his little canvas up in his room, which goes to show that these images are somehow timeless. For me, the ultrasound image is the meeting point of the etherial and the cutting edge. These black and white scans concentrate the mind on composition, tone and movement, and are a complete change from my other work.

And now I am returning to my paints to work on something very different – a large abstract with strong colours. It has been under my bed, unfinished, for many many months but sometimes it can take years to develop a good abstract painting. Back to work.

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Painting in Sepia

Paintings by Rebecca Jelbert - email: info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk

Paintings by Rebecca Jelbert – email: info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk

Sepia paintings doesn’t have to be boring! If you try and mix sepia you don’t have to reach for the tube of sepia. A mixture of rich colours will give you the best results – yellows through to reds, greens and blues. Also, by placing different patches of colour next to each other, the overall effect can suggest sepia.

The paintings below have small areas of brighter colours, whilst maintaining a unifying sepia tonality. However, the emphasis shifts slightly in each picture, sometimes the the dominant colour may be a yellow-brown, sometimes a pink-brown…

Rebecca Jelbert_ChairAgainstDoor            Rebecca Jelbert_Pub_sepia

Rebecca Jelbert_Geece

I really like the appearance of old photographs, and the warmth that sepia has over black and white images. On a few occasions I have painted sepia prints, for example the following two pictures are of scenes in St. Albans where I lived at one time.

Rebecca Jelbert_St Albans_02             Rebecca Jelbert_St Albans_03


Sepia has been associated with the past and antique imagery but I suggest that this colour can also be used for contemporary work. Sepia allows the artist to really concentrate of the variety of tones in a picture, whilst keeping warmth through the addition of rich colours such as deep browns, blues and reds.

I also paint obstetric ultrasound images – baby scans- on canvas and have painted a few of these in single colours. Although theses black and white scans are by nature monochromatic, I have enjoyed adapting the grey scales to sepia, and a range of other colours such as blues, reds and purples.

Rebecca Jelbert_ultrasound_sepia     Rebecca_Jelbert_ultrasound_blues


To discuss the possibility of commissioning a painting please contact me – email: info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk

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Painting chairs in Greece and France!

Chairs can make an interesting focal point for a painting. The following watercolours are of buildings in French and Greece. The sun not only creates strong shadows against the wall behind, but leads to the subtle bleaching of the chairs themselves.

Paintings by Rebecca Jelbert, email: info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk

Paintings by Rebecca Jelbert, email: info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk

Compositions can be created around a number of seats, as above, or around a single chair.

Rebecca_Jelbert_chair_03         Rebecca_Jelbert_painting_chair_01


Rebecca_Jelbert_painting_chair_02         Rebecca_Jelbert_Chairs_Greence


I like the way in which chairs can suggest the presence of people without the depiction of individuals, allowing the viewer to imagine themselves relaxing in the sun!

I like the subtlety of the scene below, and the way the chair almost melts into the wood behind. The wicker chairs remind me of the one next to Vincent van Gogh’s bed in his painting ‘The Bedroom at Arles.’

Rebecca Jelbert_chair_05


And finally a painting of some English chairs…

Watercolour paintings by Rebecca Jelbert, email: info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk

Watercolour paintings by Rebecca Jelbert, email: info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk

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Different types of obstetric ultrasound scans – 2D, 3D, 4D

Baby scan, ultrasound or sonogram are different ways of describing the images produced by hospital scanning systems of the developing baby.

I am commissioned to paint pictures of these scans by so it’s probably worth touching on some of the options open to you.

Paintings of ultrasound scans on canvas - by Rebecca Jelbert (info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk)

Paintings of ultrasound scans on canvas – by Rebecca Jelbert (info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk)

Standard ultrasound scan – This is the traditional ultrasound examination which uses transducer over the abdomen to generate a 2D image of the developing baby. The black and white paintings above are copied from standard ultrasound pictures produced routinely at certain points through a pregnancy. These days I understand that many hospitals will charge a small fee for printing out copies of these scans.

3-D Ultrasound – Uses specially designed probes and software to generate 3-D images of the developing baby.

4-D or Dynamic 3-D Ultrasound – Uses specially designed scanners to look at the face and movements of the baby prior to delivery. The more detailed painting above (bottom right) was created from a 4D scan.

3D printing – A 3D model of the unborn child can be produced but the facilities required for these particular scans are currently not widely available.

A 12 week and 20 weeks ultrasound scan are routinely carried out during pregnancy. By 20 weeks, a lot of detail can be seen. The standard ultrasound scan will show areas within your baby’s body, whereas the 3D and 4D scans will produce more realistic images of the baby’s facial features.




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Details of an English street, the old and the new together

These paintings are mainly of houses in St Albans, Hampshire and Wiltshire. The buildings are generally very old, but the mix of the old and new makes the pictures more interesting. I could have chosen to completely miss out the telephone box below, or the street sign, or even the bin but I think they all add visual interest, and help to create a sense of place and time.

Paintings by Rebecca Jelbert info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk

Paintings by Rebecca Jelbert

Post boxes – free standing and inset…

Rebecca Jelbert_post box_painting_01      Rebecca Jelbert_painting_building_05

 Bikes – with both plane and detailed backgrounds showing through the spokes

Rebecca Jelbert_painting_shop_07       Rebecca Jelbert_painting_house_07

Segmented facades – original cottage and a modern house in a tudor style

Rebecca Jelbert_painting_house_06       Rebecca Jelbert_painting_thatched cottage

I now live in Bristol where, due to bomb damage in the war, old and new houses stand together in many streets. Although I don’t have examples of those pictures, here are a couple of paintings where the focus is on the modern details, the colour and style of the doors…

Rebecca Jelbert_painting_Bristol_01           Rebecca Jelbert_painting_building_3

I’ve been meaning to paint buildings with murals and graffiti on them, and living in Bristol there are some great Banksy works of art to capture, so I have no excuses. I must do that soon.

Mediterranean buildings, with their shutters, their climbing plants and brightly painted walls undoubtedly offer a wealth of opportunities for the artist but we should not forget the beauty of the English phone box, the humble post box, or the delights of a well painted garage door!

If you would like to commission a painting of your home, or of any other building, please feel free to email me: info@RebeccaJelbert.co.uk

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