Les Alpes

I’ve been experimenting with acrylic paint and texture paste on large sheets of thick watercolour paper. I did’t really plan to do it this way – in fact I had planned to paint some large watercolours – but one thing led to another and this is what happened…

The Alps – brown, by Rebecca Jelbert


Above are a few close-ups of the textured areas from larger painting. Acrylics are so versatile and can, of course, be used in watery washes as well as in thick layers. Hopefully you can see where I’ve scratched at the texture paste, and washed over some of the uneven surfaces. Then I tried another scene, again with the texture paste, but with a different colour palette:

The Alps – blue, by Rebecca Jelbert

And a few more details:


A quick change of location – the painting below is triptych of the Denali mountains. Each canvas is 1m x 1m. I loved painting these canvases as the images were so large that I could image myself there, standing in the snow.

Denali mountains

I wish I could visit to gather some more reference material, but for now I will just have to imagine myself on one of those peaks…!


About jellywalk

I am a professional artist who is happy to take commissions, be they portraits, paintings of baby ultrasound scans, houses, or pets... Please see my art website for contact details: www.RebeccaJelbert.co.uk. I have prints available for sale from www.Society6.com/RebeccaJelbert.
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