Abstracts without titles

As yet untitled

I have been finishing off a series of abstract paintings for a summer show in Hampshire – details below. The trouble is, I need to decide on how to title them. Until now they have hung on my walls at home, but for an exhibition they need to be named.

My figurative paintings have simple but descriptive titles that remind me in an instant of the subjects matter, the country etc. But my abstracts do not recall a specific event, person or place. I suppose the technical term for this work is abstract expressionism: I don’t plan them at all, in fact each one is totally spontaneous and at the start I have absolutely no idea what the final painting will look like. The process can take months, even years, but at some point the composition feels balanced, and I know instinctively that it is finished.

For me, my abstracts do evoke an emotional response, but for someone else the same painting would likely induce a different feeling. Colour is so personal and these pictures, all one metre square, are so large that the blocks of paint can really engulf you. I should also say that the interaction of colour and form are really important for me, as is the tactile application of thick paint onto canvas- with both brush and hands!

So how can you distill this difficult-to explain experience into a one or two word title? Perhaps I should fall back on a dominant colour or shape, or even a random word or number? It is a conundrum, but I will have decide very soon.

The exhibition details:
Sir Harold Hillier Gardens
Jermyns Lane, Romsey
Hampshire, SO51 0QA

Friday 9th June – Wednesday 28th June 2017 (10am – 5pm)*
*exhibition closes 3pm on the final day

As yet untitled

Also untitled!

Blue Hook/ Two Semicircles – Ahhhhh!



About jellywalk

I am a professional artist who is happy to take commissions, be they portraits, paintings of baby ultrasound scans, houses, or pets... Please see my art website for contact details: www.RebeccaJelbert.co.uk. I have prints available for sale from www.Society6.com/RebeccaJelbert.
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