Italy in watercolours – paintings by Rebecca Jelbert

Paintings of Italy by Rebecca Jelbert Email:

Paintings of Italy by Rebecca Jelbert

The buildings of Italy are full of texture and colour. Crumbling plaster, fading paintwork, slatted blinds and exposed brickwork all add to the beauty of these beautiful facades.

Terracotta roof tiles are a favourite of mine, but it’s important not to put in too much detail. A few dabs and lines will go a long way towards suggesting a sea of regimented tiles.

Rebecca Jelbert_painting_Italy_02

Rebecca Jelbert_painting_Italy_01

Close ups of windows and door, a small balcony, washing hanging between windows, or even the odd street lamp, can all make a simple but effective compositions.

Rebecca Jelbert_painting_Italy_04                        Rebecca Jelbert_painting_Italy_05

Where ever you go in Italy there’s something beautiful to paint. Details of facades are a particular favourite of mine, but not just in Mediterranean countries. Next week I’ll look out some paintings of English homes, where the everyday (red phone boxes, letter boxes, and even brightly coloured garage doors) can be overlooked.


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I am a professional artist who is happy to take commissions, be they portraits, paintings of baby ultrasound scans, houses, or pets... Please see my art website for contact details: I have prints available for sale from
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