Collaborating with my children to produce professional prints!   – ART PRINTS now available from ‘Society6’

I started to make paintings with my children years ago, when my eldest was only two (she’s now 16 and studying for her A levels!). I have a stash of her old drawings that still inspire me, and luckily my youngest child is still small enough to produce those surreal, imaginative creations that can only come from the very young.

When the children were tiny, I had no ‘quiet’ time to dedicate to my own painting so we started to make pictures together – out came the thick paint, the hand printing, scribbling, tearing, and generally having fun!

children drawing

The great thing about children’s art is that their images are always unpredictable, and their approach is never ‘precious’. As an artists, before my children were born, I had become a bit complacent about experimenting with new techniques, and my work had become slightly staid, slightly too safe. Ella, Hugo and Scarlett taught me to so much about creativity, and reminded me of what used to excite me as a child; I started to take more risks and asked my kids to paint over my watercolours, scribble over my drawings, or sometimes walk over paintings with painted feet. Sometimes I would paint over their work – there were no rules, and no planning – just happy accidents, and discoveries.

Rebecca Jelbert ELLA

Above: I handed my daughter the red and black paint, and held my breath…!

Some of the best paintings we produced together were on the theme of emotions, and for these pictures we talked together about what made us feel happy or sad, and about how colours helped to conjure up emotion. For this set of paintings my children first drew their picture onto large sheets of watercolour paper, over which I painted realistic facial expressions, highlighting their beautiful bold shapes with black paint at the very end.

Rebecca Jelbert_I feel tired and I feel loved_smallerI feel tired and I feel loved – splatting paint, scratching and shiny gold paint

Rebecca Jelbert_I feel angry and I feel scared

I feel angry and I feel scared – stamping horn shapes, bright colours and watery ghosts

This series of collaborative paintings are now available from ‘Society6’ as art prints, cushion, t-shirts, and even iPhone skins…  – PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE!

Society6_Rebecca Jelbert_art prints


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I am a professional artist who is happy to take commissions, be they portraits, paintings of baby ultrasound scans, houses, or pets... Please see my art website for contact details: I have prints available for sale from
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