Jelbert, 21st December 2012 – It’s not the end of the world!

So many books, so little time

I have completely immersed myself in my MPhil work and have had little time to do anything else, apart from the job and the children of course! For now I am having a break from writing my blog, as much as I enjoy doing it, but I will come back to it when I feel slightly less overwhelmed with work.

Loiuse Bourgeois_woven_child

By the way, for anyone interested in pregnancy in art, you should look at the work by Louise Bourgourgeois – above is The Woven Child (2002). Link:

For a quick bio:

Art in secondary schools – the English Baccalaureate

I did want to make a quick pint about the English Baccalaureate that is creeping into our schools. I trained as a teacher of art and talked to some pupils at a school where they were studying for this qualification. The trouble is, art is not included in the subjects studies! I was really upset to hear that the school where my two older children go will be teaching this Baccalaureate to the new intake, and that means my youngest daughter will be unable to study art.

My youngest is lucky in that she will be encouraged to draw and paint at home, but others may not. The arts and literature, I believe, are so important for our children and so often their ability to appreciate these things is completely underestimated. As an example, my eldest daughter, who is 15, has just finished reading War and Peace, and really enjoyed it. It was a completely different experience for her, challenging but really rewarding. It makes me feel quite depressed to think of a school without art.

Please take a look at this campaign for the arts in schools:

For some festive cheer, here are a few Christmasy paintings by my daughter Ella…

ellas leaf             SCARLETTS CARD


ellas shell          HUGOS CARD

Let’s keep things in perspective though, less art in schools is frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world, I hope………..!


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