Jelbert 24/11/12 – the heart of things

One of the best things about my recent studies is that I find I am not alone in my interest of the human body, in it’s workings, its strange beauty, and in all the unseen and incredible detail!

How about this for something amazing – a papier maché model of the heart, made in the late 1800s by a French doctor called Louis Thomas Jerome Auzoux…

1)It comes apart too – I think it’s incredible!


Another thing I’m excited by is the way in which the same subject can be interpreted so differently by artists. As an example, here are some more hearts, some soft, some cold, some spiky…

2)     3)   4) 

2) (Amanda Fiebing)


4) (Damien Hurst)


As an artist, I think it’s important to keep challenging yourself and to keep trying out new things. With this in mind, I thought I should try to do some 3D work and bought myself a few bags of plaster of Paris. I also found three hearts, one from an ox, one from a sheep and one from a squirrel (please note – no animal was harmed for the making of this work!). After some trial and error, I created impressions in plaster which are supposed to reflect the rhythms of life, growth and the impression we leave on others when we have gone…


I think it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut as an artist, after working with similar themes for a long time. I love doing odd things like this as I never know where the ideas will lead, and it makes me appreciate the people who do these things really well!


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