Jelbert 12/10/12 – Perhaps a book at last?!

A glimmer of hope!

After another week of receiving rejections, I am left feeling a little deflated. But there is a glimmer of light ahead, not a story book but an instructional art book. My mother, Wendy Jelbert, has written many books on the subject – how to paint with watercolour colours, acrylics, mixed media etc – but when she was last visiting, I suggested an idea for a new art book. I don’t really want to say too much about the ideas behind it at this stage, but it’s something Mum and I could work on together, and it would be a foot in the door for me.

Wendy Jelbert

Just when I was starting to feel rather squashed, something great has come along to energised me again! Here are a few of mum’s paintings – the girl with the pink swimmers is a very young me…


Link to Mum’s books on Amazon:


Collaborating on a project is great for me because I appreciate having someone to bounce ideas off. We’re putting together a rough draft of possible chapters and topics, and next we’ll call one of Mum’s publishers – fingers and everything crossed.

When Mum was down last, a few weeks ago, we went around the local charity shops on the Gloucester Road buying loads of interesting material for still lives, including dresses, scarfs and shirts. We divided them all in half and now have an amazing array of colours and patterns to work from. I have no excuse not to paint, but still I distract myself with admin jobs, children and studies (I have started to get up at 5:30 again to try and fit everything in, but still I need an extra day, at least!).

Master’s – researching pregnancy in twentieth century Art

I have just started my MPhil in History of Art at Bristol University and I’m really enjoying that too. My tutor, Dr Dorothy Rowe, is incredible – lots of ideas, lots of energy and lots of work for me! My first assignment is to narrow down my field of study and to produce a literature review. It has been a great excuse to order lots of lovely art books, but now I have to try and find the time to read them all…


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