Jelbert 15/07/12 – a visit from the ambulance

This week I sorted through all my children’s drawing and other reference for my painting, and put them into files for the various stories I am writing. ‘Tales by Torchlight: Shoe Zoo’ is the first in the series and I plan to release ‘Tales by Torchlight: Rainbow Day’ very soon. They are all about a little girl, Evangelina May, and the stories she tells to her toys at night. Instead of reading from words, Evangelina takes out the drawings she has made and these bring back all the detail of her adventures.

So you can see that children’s drawings are a very important part of my illustrations for this series. I am experimenting with different ways of combining the realistic elements in my paintings, sometimes having them show through from behind, sometimes only a texture or hint of an object remembered, and sometimes just a tonal drawing. I am really enjoying this creative journey and feel there is a lot more to explore…

I came across the two pictures above, which I used for my first story. They are good examples because they show what is incredible about children’s work, their honesty and frankness, their sense of mischief and the beautiful, unexpected gift of extra legs or ginger hair on a giraffe – I just wouldn’t have thought of it!

This week I also had a visit from my dad. To give you a sense of the unusual makeup of my family, I should tell you he arrived in an ambulance, an ambulance that he has recently converted (with his own fair hands) into a motorhome! He actually has two ambulances but that’s another story. It was great to see him and I think he was surprised to see just how much the children had grown. That’s another thing about making art with your children – you can make something together that marks a moment in time, that captures something of their personality and memories of a particular event, however small. They also love to see their work framed up on the wall – you should try it!

My mother is equally as quirky. She is an artist and author of many books on art. With such a background, I suppose there was no way I would end up totally normal…

Mum’s books on Amazon: .


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