Jelbert 13/07/12 – a good week!

I was searching the internet this morning and stumbled upon the first ever review of my first ever book! I was so excited, I was still on a high when I cycled into work. The review is on the book review site and it gave my book, ‘Tales by Torchlight: Shoe Zoo’, an impressive four and a half out of five stars!!

Link to Lisisoft:  (scroll down to book 20!)

Also this week, ‘iBookstore Support’ confirmed that my book had been put forward by Apple to feature in the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section in the American iBookstore, in the ‘Children and Teens’ section. Friends have been very kindly spreading the word and things are starting to move, slowly! But there’s just so much more to producing and selling your own books than I ever imagined, such a steep learning curve.

I have been sending out my free Apple ‘Promo Codes’ to potential reviewers (you get 50 with the publication of each book), but it’s a job in itself working out who to send them to.

Yesterday, I received another great piece of news, an email from Bristol University saying that I had won a small grant to do my Master’s in History of Art. This was an incredible suprise as I didn’t know I had been put forward for it (I had deferred the start of my course last month until 2013 because of a lack of time and money, but now I have to rethink). I would love to do the Master’s, but I would also love to make more books – I have to decide before Friday next week…

To download a free sample for the iPad (the introduction to my story book), see screen shots and buy this interactive children’s book, see link:


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I am a professional artist who is happy to take commissions, be they portraits, paintings of baby ultrasound scans, houses, or pets... Please see my art website for contact details: I have prints available for sale from
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