Walker 08/07/12 – interactive iBooks Author?

Regular blogging is obviously not my thing! In my last post I was talking about importing sound files for the interactive books. The idea of sounds have largely gone by the wayside. This has not been for want of trying. The iBooks Author application is amazing but it fell short of the power we assumed it would have. To be fair to Apple I think the primary limitations came from the underlying EPUB3 file standard that Apple used as the basis for the iBooks Author file format. iBooks Author is capable of creating interactive books, or at least books that contain interactive elements. By this I mean that the basic book is still static and cannot interact with the user but it can have interactive elements stuck onto the page as hyper linked icons. When the user click on the icon they jump to a separate screen where the interaction can be performed. Once finished with the interactive element the user closes that screen and returns to the page in the book.

With a little tinkering I found a way to flick between two images without the user leaving the main flow of the book. It is not a perfect solution but the effect is very pleasing. I hope that future software will allow us to put much more interaction into the actual pages.

I want to talk through some of the pitfalls we experienced while setting up Becky’s iTunes Connect account, but that will have to wait for my next post…


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