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Walker 17/08/10 – technology

I have a little catching up to do as Becky has a few posts under her belt! I’m currently waiting for a sound file to import onto one of our older computers. I bought a Zoom H2 (Handy Recorder) so … Continue reading

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Jelbert 07/08/10 – spooky!

I have a large clip frame full of old family photos in my hallway. I walk past everyday without a thought but yerstday something made me stop and look at it. I suddenly noticed this photo of my sister, reading … Continue reading

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Jelbert 04/08/10 – sketches

I work in a psychiatric unit for people who are acutely distressed and am usually rushed off my feet, helping the patients with all manner of things. It’s very intense but extraordinary, and I love it! I carry a small … Continue reading

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Jelbert 03/08/10 – first picture

This weekend we put our first page together for our book ‘The Secret Sketchbook of Evangelina May’. It’s really good to see the start of things. When some friends of ours suggested we publish the stories as an interactive app … Continue reading

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Jelbert 02/08/10 – the Jellywalk logo

I am the jelly in this ‘Jellywalk’ partnership. My surname is Jelbert and at school I was called jellybaby, jellybert etc etc but now I am embracing this strange and unspelllable name and am combining it with my husband’s name, … Continue reading

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